Narrow Ways & Broad Roads

Justification Changes Everything

In his book ‘The Divine Conspiracy’ [1] the philosopher Dallas Willard says that if you ask anyone from the seventy four percent of Americans who say that they have made a commitment to Jesus Christ, or ask them what the Christian gospel actually is,you will probably be told the following: Jesus died to pay for our sins, and that if we believe he, i.e. Jesus did this, we will go to heaven when we die (wherever/whatever heaven might be). Continue reading Narrow Ways & Broad Roads


Imagine there is no heaven,

No other place to go;

That there is no redemption

Life , but a tale of woe;

Imagine all of life’s predation

Red in tooth and claw


You may think that I’m a schemer, but that’s the devil’s lie;

My hope is that you’ll join me in the world that is to come.

Imagine there is a reason,

             It’s easy if you try;             

That it is his own decisions

That causes man to die;

Imagine things atoned for

That, which man could never do


Imagine God’s compassion

Christ’s tasting death for me

 In death the Son prevailing

So that I may be free

Imagine all the people living their lives today

Without the hope of glory, choosing another’s way

Derek J. White 12/14