Making your MIND Up about Jesus Christ


Douglass Groothuis said that for two thousand years, the controversy over Christ has continued to rage without letup, and that, today, everyone has an opinion about Jesus. Groothuis states: “These opinions range from the traditional to the novel to the heretical. For many, Jesus is merely the expression of one’s desires and imagination..[1]”(D Groothuis) A Life magazine article on differing views of Jesus stated that. ‘We see Jesus as many different people—dutiful son, ascetic, sage, martyr –depending on our own needs we see Jesus in our own image. There are, without doubt, many opinions about the person of Christ but is it really true that ‘everyone’ has an ‘opinion’? Do the ‘uninitiated’ and uneducated’[2] have any real notion of the person, nature and work of Christ? Continue reading Making your MIND Up about Jesus Christ