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How I Changed My Mind About Evolution – InterVarsity Press

Perhaps no topic appears as potentially threatening to evangelicals as evolution. Yet many evangelicals have reconciled their firm beliefs in God and the Bible with the conclusions of science. How? Here are the stories of over a dozen evangelical scientists, pastors, biblical scholars and theologians who have come to embrace both evolution and faith. Source: […]

No ‘other’ God

  In this age of  post-modern-evolutionary-enlightenment and secularism where, for various ‘reasons’ there is an increasing skepticism regarding traditional views of God—both Classical and Biblical. This evolution of thought and theology regarding the existence of the God of Judeo/Christian thought has produced various ideas that have more of an affinity with Buddhistic notions of the […]

GOD can write a book,can’t HE?

  GOD can write a book, can’t HE? By Derek J. White   D.A. Carson states that, “It should go without saying that the authority of the Bible must be recognised by Christians. The church cannot exist and flourish without unreservedly embracing the Bible. But the central heritage of the church on this subject has […]