Dating Ancient Papyri

Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog:
Further to my recent posts about recent proposals for the dating of certain NT papyri, let me briefly clarify the process of dating papyri, which might well seem a mystery to those not familiar with it. There are two main types of papyri:  “documentary” (letters, official documents such as…

What’s the problem with Evil? (Part 1)

1. EVIL!? What is [it]? It is most likely a coincidence that some of the most profane and profound words……………… in the English language only have four letters; more than likely several words come to mind — words that, nowadays, form a part of General English Usage. Here are three others that may not have immediately […]

HDS Update on “Jesus’ Wife” Fragment

Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog:
The Harvard Divinity School web page on the “Jesus’ wife” fragment now is prefaced with a statement from the HDS Dean referring to the recent Atlantic Monthly article that exposes the character who put the fragment into Professor King’s hands, and that King now admits “tips the balance”…

Blind mice ‘Leading’

Jesus said that, “Jesus came :to rescue that which was lost.” (Matthew 18:11) Ergo, Humanity per se–is that which is lost—or at least, the people to whom God reveals himself. However, if that which is lost—which is said to be made (somehow) in the image of God is an illusion—or an unnecessary blip in the […]

A ‘European Mindset’

John Sentamu: ‘My conscience tells me that I must vote to Remain’ Thu 09 Jun 2016 By Marcus Jones (for Premier) The Archbishop of York has declared that he will vote to remain in the EU when the UK goes to the polls at the referendum on 23 June. Writing in the Telegraph, Dr John […]