The case against physicalism

Originally posted on The philosophical apologist:
What is physicalism? Physicalism is the view that everything real is ultimately something physical. A more traditional term often used interchangeably is materialism – the view that everything is matter – but this term is used less frequently now that we know forces such as gravity are not strictly material. Physicalism does not deny that many things such as consciousness seem…

Guest Post: When is a person?

Originally posted on Science and Belief:
At what point in human development can we recognise the presence of another person like us?  It’s an age-old question which cannot be avoided, and I’ve been interested in the recent discussion about this on this blog.  Each one of us comes to this question from a different perspective,…

The Paradoxes of Hell | The Best Schools

Overhyped views of hell bring unnecessary scorn and embarrassment on Christianity. This essay responds to fundamentalist misrepresentations about hell. Source: The Paradoxes of Hell | The Best Schools