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First and foremost, I became a committed follower of Jesus Christ in 1976, previously having had ‘strong leftish/ atheistic tendencies’.I’ve been married to Jackie since September 1963. We have four [grown] children and ten grandchildren—the  latest, Faith Jemimah, born on 1/8/18. Four of the grandkids live, with their parents, in Australia. We also have two … Continue reading Latest #aboutme

Book Preview – Slaying the Dragons: Destroying myths in the history of science and faith

Science and Belief

Science as we know it stems from monotheism.

The Egyptian, Babylonian, Indian, Polynesian, Chinese, and Meso-American cultures all built up complex and sophisticated systems for making sense of the natural world as they understood it within the context of their environments. … “Nature” was not conceived of as having an independent existence, but was, rather, an expression of many fickle deities in action, and could suddenly change at the failure of a sacrifice or the omission of a ritual.

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