God’s Goal in Creation

God's Goal in Creation (cover2)

The idea that an omnipotent and benevolent deity would have created a universe in which physical laws dictate outcomes that necessarily produce deleterious effects on sentient creatures ‘begs the question’ of omnipotence.

A biosphere in which predation, parasitism, plague etc. prevail brings into question both omnipotence and benevolence. And causes consternation among the alleged ‘brights’ of the world who deny the existence of any other ‘mind’ than that of naturalism or monism.

The apostle Paul refers to a creation that is ‘groaning’ (Romans 8)—that the creation had been subjugated, by its creator and sustainer (not by natural forces) to a state of affairs that is nothing like the best possible world—even ‘Heaven’.

‘God’s Goal for Creation’ offers a fresh perspective on the reason for God’s subjugation of the creation, for the problem of Evil as well as the perceived problem of an evolutionary system that is often labeled as ‘Natural Evil’.

Derek J. White



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