A ‘European Mindset’


John Sentamu: ‘My conscience tells me that I must vote to Remain’

Thu 09 Jun 2016

By Marcus Jones (for Premier)

The Archbishop of York has declared that he will vote to remain in the EU when the UK goes to the polls at the referendum on 23 June.

Writing in the Telegraph, Dr John Sentamu explained how he’s come to that conclusion.

He said: “My conscience tells me that I must vote to Remain in the European Union.

“The possibility of any kind of organised political life depends on successive generations accepting the responsibilities undertaken before them.

“This applies both to the internal stability of nations, and also to the external stability of relations among them.

“The implication of wanting to decide everything afresh in every generation is universal instability.

“If we are serious about supporting either national or international order, we shall have to be prepared to live up to inherited obligations, even if we may sometimes think that they would have been better not incurred.”

A ‘European’ Mindset.

What is conscience? If it is that which has been shaped by the prevailing (European) Social Mores (which is, in the main, Liberal/ Left), it would be exactly that–nothing more and nothing less—though some would argue that it has been influenced by other ‘factors’.

If I were to attempt a definition of a Christian Conscience I would say that such a conscience would be shaped by the Scriptures and, obviously, by the Third Person of The Trinity–The Holy Spirit. If this were the case, one would expect to be able to observe the practical consequences—should that conscience be actively dominant. The consequences would be two-fold—though these two things ought not to be mutually exclusive. They are summed up in the two commandments Christ gave: Love God (The Triune God) and love your neighbour as yourself. Of course, if my love for my neighbour has no concern for that ‘neighbour’s’ relationship with God–but only cares for their present needs–or for the cause of humanism per se–then it could not be considered a God-Shaped-Conscience–but rather a socially aware conscience–a conscience that is the driving force for social change—a change that, seemingly, aids the common cause.

A Christian shaped conscience would not—could not abjure from the command to ‘go and make disciples’. The Christian conscience is one that cares for the body and soul—though it could be argued that the common parlance of ‘body-soul’ is in danger of abuse. It was the apostle Paul who said that, ‘…if for this life [alone] we have hope, we are—of all people—to be the most pitied. Archbishop. I love your heart’s concern but—please don’t let its desire deny the lost their hope of heaven—of HEAVEN—a hope that is in Christ alone.

Derek White

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