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I am a former atheist, with strong leftist ideas. Saved by grace in 1976 (Soli Deo Gloria). I’ve been married to Jackie since Sept 1963 and have four (grown) children,ten grandchildren (four in Australia and three in Scotland) and two great-grandchildren. I have been in Christian leadership in various roles: An elder (eleven years) at Bournemouth Community Church,a deacon at Lansdowne Baptist Church Bournemouth (nine years) ,a founder director of the International Training Network, Bournemouth–a training centre/center for the teaching of English as a foreign language, and a teacher/principal/director [1987-2010] at the Christian English Language Centre/Center in Bournemouth and Christchurch, England. Since December 2014 my wife and I have been attending St Mary’s Church Ferndown, where we are seeking to use our gifts for the Mission of Christ.



I have recently published a book entitled ‘God’s Goal in Creation’, which is a work based on my ‘journey’ in Apologetics/Theodicy–including research at The University of Exeter (MRes 2015). I am also the joint author (along with Rosemary Griffiths. Rosemary is a Primary School Teacher) of a book entitled ‘Walls that Divide’, which is ‘due’to be revised/re-edited sometime soon…

My ‘academic’ background includes forays into the world of: Sociology,Theology,Philosophy,  English-Language pedagogy,linguistics and Philosophical Theology in The Open University, The University of Sheffield, Canterbury Christchurch University, Trinity College, Newburgh USA, and The University of Exeter. 



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