🙃💀# #BoilerFailureDitty [0800 September30/2018
Mum managed to snatch some kip in-between the numerous murmors of a glass being banged on the wood of the bedside thingy–accompanied by the plaintiff cry of a very elderly person (not me—I’m plain #elderly) saying ‘I’m cold’ or ‘it’s cold’ and the electric water heater blazed away the pounds without any real effects on the freezing intrusion of #winterinside. But😃help from***insurance company–comprehensive cover was, so we thought ,at hand– with a provisional time for the following day–late afternoon on October1st. Is this a ‘pinch-punch-first-of-the-month’ or what❓🙃 PS. Thank goodness the real winter hasn’t yet blown in with the other #beastsfromtheeast. Oh, they flew back a while ago

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