This World?! Really?

This World! Really? (part 1) #BookExert
What kind of world, is this?

“[Modern] Science presents a working model of the world based on observation and explanation, albeit one which is vastly outmoded. And in case we are tempted towards a feeling of superiority on this point, we should note that our current cosmology may in turn be vastly outmoded by the science of future generations. The history of science teaches us repeatedly that supreme confidence in our own scientific paradigms may well turn out to be misplaced.” Mark Harris1

Scientist and popular writer Richard Dawkins opines that, “The Universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.”2 The opinion/observation offered by ‘Religion Rebutter’, Richard Dawkins has, at first glance, much to commend—though commend is, most likely, not the ideal word for a theist to use –moreover, a theist with a reasonably strong belief in the sovereignty and benevolence of God. However, Dawkins has ‘a point’—one that we cannot afford to pass over without comment: From where we live in semi-rural Dorset, staring into a cloudless sky at night inspires a sense of awe along with a sense of incredulity. How could such a ‘cold and lonely’ universe have any personal significance—its deleterious physical laws adding to the disdain of the dissenters. The lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s haunting song Hallelujah come to mind:

The above lyrics reflect Dawkins’ unbelief and Cohen’s disdain at the apparent absence of God in a world of pain. That the universe is a cold and lonely place is apparently the case as no other life has, as yet, been discovered—though there is often a ‘celebratory tone’ when ‘the right conditions’ appear to be present on some planet or other.

From the perspective of science the search for life (of whatever variety) is one that ‘puts two and two together’ in the expectation for life to emerge without any cause other than there being the availability of the necessary chemical constituents–plus ‘natural processes’. Ergo, the Material Universe is all there is. 1 | P a g e

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