Building: The Church?

The Churches’ Own Pandemic

‘Shut everything down’, they said; ‘but please allow the bread’, was the muted reply. ‘The bread you shall have, there’s a surplus of supply, so no one should go without, by and by.

They opened things up for the ‘essential’ supplies; we could even wander between the product spires. That man cannot live on bread alone, I do recall; the like of which isn’t found on any market stall.

It soon appeared, on examination, that buildings alone don’t allow contamination. ‘Open the doors—allow them in, but whatever you do, don’t allow them to sing.’ That the building’s the ‘Church’ was the configuration, opening the doors should remove the ‘indignation’.

Should ‘the building be the church’, it would be only too plain that any ‘change of use’ might render it lame; Now, the ‘meeting together’ encouraged for all, has now been replaced by a screen on the wall. That the Church’ be the Body of Christ is not in question, though its heart surely misses a beat without its essential connection. The Meeting Together.

Derek J. White 2/21

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