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  • Dating Ancient Papyri

    Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog:
    Further to my recent posts about recent proposals for the dating of certain NT papyri, let me briefly clarify the process of dating papyri, which might well seem a mystery to those not familiar with it. There are two main types of papyri:  “documentary” (letters, official documents such as…

  • Artificial Intelligence: Machines, Minds or both?

    Originally posted on Science and Belief:
    CCO Public Domain. Pixabay Is your smart phone really smart? Do you ever fear it will get too smart? Will it wake up one morning and decide to start running your life – deleting contacts it doesn’t like, booking holidays online that it wants to go on with you…

  • Philosophy for apologists

    Why apologists should study philosophy, and how to get started. Source: Philosophy for apologists

  • GOD can write a book,can’t HE?

      GOD can write a book, can’t HE? By Derek J. White   D.A. Carson states that, “It should go without saying that the authority of the Bible must be recognised by Christians. The church cannot exist and flourish without unreservedly embracing the Bible. But the central heritage of the church on this subject has […]

  • Relevant to what–exactly?

    Being ‘relevant’ is what the first century church was not. It did not and could not ‘bow the knee’ to the ‘lordship’ of Caesar. Sadly the tardy hash tag of relevance has plagued the missional endeavours of many recent attempts of ‘freshly expressing’ the Christian faith. “When I read stuff like this, my reaction isn’t […]

  • GOD–N us?

    Part 1 Homer Sapiens? We tend to define our humanity in terms of our current social and cultural mores. In the West we stereo type the ‘uncultured’ man among us as being made in the image of someone like Homer Simpson rather than God. Ironically none of us would want to be considered anything like […]