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  • A Letter to a Nephew

    When is One’s ‘VIEW” not a World View… Firstly, it isn’t possible for me—or anyone else to offer an opinion that isn’t, in some way, affected by a ‘worldview’ so I shall not attempt such an impossible scenario. So please indulge me.

  • Embed Premier’s News on Your Website – premier

    Bring your website to life with a free feed of high-quality news features from a Christian perspective. All you need to do is copy and paste a few lines of HTML code and you are done! Source: Embed Premier’s News on Your Website – premier

  • No ‘other’ God

      In this age of  post-modern-evolutionary-enlightenment and secularism where, for various ‘reasons’ there is an increasing skepticism regarding traditional views of God—both Classical and Biblical. This evolution of thought and theology regarding the existence of the God of Judeo/Christian thought has produced various ideas that have more of an affinity with Buddhistic notions of the […]