Preview of: Beyond Eden

In essence the thesis/book is a philosophical defence/theodicy for the goodness of the God of the Judeo/Christian Scriptures [a determinate entity rather than a ‘ground of being’ ‘substitute’]. It is an evolutionary theodicy, i.e. it argues that there has been no fundamental changes to the laws of physics—contrary to the argument put forward by Adrian … Continue reading Preview of: Beyond Eden

Making your MIND Up about Jesus Christ

Douglass Groothuis said that for two thousand years, the controversy over Christ has continued to rage without letup, and that, today, everyone has an opinion about Jesus. Groothuis states: “These opinions range from the traditional to the novel to the heretical. For many, Jesus is merely the expression of one’s desires and imagination..[1]”(D Groothuis) A Life … Continue reading Making your MIND Up about Jesus Christ

Relevant to what–exactly?

Being ‘relevant’ is what the first century church was not. It did not and could not ‘bow the knee’ to the ‘lordship’ of Caesar. Sadly the tardy hash tag of relevance has plagued the missional endeavours of many recent attempts of ‘freshly expressing’ the Christian faith. “When I read stuff like this, my reaction isn’t … Continue reading Relevant to what–exactly?

1820 Days

“Other-Worldliness is [now] a seldom used word. The word really speaks for itself—meaning ‘not like this world’—ethereal even. Christ’s followers ought to be both heavenly-minded and different—unlike the prevailing cultural norm. Those who are considered other-worldly’ are often thought to be decidedly odd—different even. Jesus, quite clearly, calls his followers to be significantly different. History … Continue reading 1820 Days

Narrow Ways & Broad Roads

  Narrow Ways & Broad Roads Justification Changes Everything In his book ‘The Divine Conspiracy’ [1] the late Dallas Willard says that if you ask anyone from the seventy four percent of Americans who say that they have made a commitment to Jesus Christ, what the Christian gospel is, you will probably be told that … Continue reading Narrow Ways & Broad Roads