• 1820 Days

    “Other-Worldliness is [now] a seldom used word. The word really speaks for itself—meaning ‘not like this world’—ethereal even. Christ’s followers ought to be both heavenly-minded and different—unlike the prevailing cultural norm. Those who are considered other-worldly’ are often thought to be decidedly odd—different even. Jesus, quite clearly, calls his followers to be significantly different. History […]

  • GOD–N us?

    Part 1 Homer Sapiens? We tend to define our humanity in terms of our current social and cultural mores. In the West we stereo type the ‘uncultured’ man among us as being made in the image of someone like Homer Simpson rather than God. Ironically none of us would want to be considered anything like […]

  • Narrow Ways & Broad Roads

    Justification Changes Everything In his book ‘The Divine Conspiracy’ [1] the philosopher Dallas Willard says that if you ask anyone from the seventy four percent of Americans who say that they have made a commitment to Jesus Christ, or ask them what the Christian gospel actually is,you will probably be told the following: Jesus died […]

  • Imaginary

    Imagine there is no heaven, No other place to go; That there is no redemption Life , but a tale of woe; Imagine all of life’s predation Red in tooth and claw ¨ You may think that I’m a schemer, but that’s the devil’s lie; My hope is that you’ll join me in the world […]