• ‘GOD!’

    Have you noticed that, should GOD’ ever be given a thought, this ‘thought’—when annunciated is usually in the form of an expletive—something like ‘O God’ or ‘For God’s sake’ (could be replaced by a four-letter-word that has the same intent). On other occasions— when there’s less angst/tension etc.—a conversation might take a more philosophical direction—especially […]

  • This isn’t Eden: When Life Closes Down

    This isn’t Eden: When Life Closes Down

    In his acclaimed book entitled ‘Out Of Eden’ Professor Paul W. Kahn makes some interesting observations regarding the nature of ‘evil’. Kahn notes that, If evil brought us to where we are in space-time-history, then humanity is in desperate need of finding an antidote. Moreover, he argues that it is only the Western religious tradition […]

  • For me to LIVE is CHRIST!

    For me to LIVE is CHRIST!

    “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain!” The above words, written in around 60-62 AD, are some of the words the Apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Christians in Philippi. Paul was a (deeply) religious man—a man who well understood  the depravity (fallenness) of the human condition. Paul’s life […]

  • Love in Action’: A brief look at the Parables in Matthew 25

    ‘Love in Action’: A brief look at the Parables in Matthew 25 In Matthew Twenty Five, we have what is commonly referred to as the ‘Judgement Parables: The Parable of the Ten Virgins (Verses 1-13); The Parable of the Talents (Verses 14-30) and The Final Judgement (Verses 31-46). These parables are more often than not […]

  • Book preview – God, Stephen Hawking and the Multiverse: What Hawking said, and why it matters

    Originally posted on Science and Belief:
    © Gerd Altmann, Pixabay Paddling his canoe into the North Sea in 2002, John Darwin was undeniably alive. Six years later, as he sat in the back of a prison van, the same applied. It is his status in between these two events that is the more unusual (and…

  • Becoming & Being (Part 2)

    Following my profession of faith and, what I can only describe as a ‘turn-around’ in behaviour (the Bible calls it repentance) at the end of 1975, there were, indeed, some glaringly apparent changes; it was as if my personality had had a re-vamp. OK, I’d never been ‘that bad’, but I certainly had had my […]

  • Becoming & Being (Part1)

    Becoming A Christ Follower It wasn’t always ‘that way’; what I mean is that for thirty-five years there would have been no possible way that I could have described myself as a Christian—or indeed as a believer or follower of any: God or gods whatsoever. I was raised in an average, post-war, family struggling with the […]

  • Humility in Science

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    Skeeze, Pixabay What qualities does it take to be a great scientist? You might think of intellect, great experimental technique, original thinking, and endless hard work. Humility may not be the first thing that springs to mind. Nevertheless, humility is a very helpful virtue in science, and I think…

  • ‘Justice in The Republic’: Why Christians ought to be in Politics

    Socrates asks for a definition of justice – asking whether or not it was simply a matter of ‘speaking the truth’ and ‘paying one’s debts’ – whatever they were. However, there was confusion  among the philosophers as they couldn’t see  what the true benefits were. Simonides asked whether true justice was: perhaps, simply a matter […]

  • To Be or Not To Be: Questions of Ontological Veracity (Part1)

    In this article I shall briefly, though importantly, address the notion of ‘God’ as the ‘ground of being’ rather than as a determinate entity; in other words that the creation, though not purely the product of chance and necessity, was not the ‘design product’ of ‘personality’ of ‘personal ingenuity’.Should the term ‘God’ refer only to […]