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I’m OK To Die…

The late Dallas Willard states that justification has taken the place of regeneration—as he puts it: “Being let off the divine hook replaces possession of the divine life from above.” It’s one thing receiving forgiveness but quite another giving your life to Christ and taking on his mantle and taking the Holy Spirit’s direction for your life...

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‘For … Sake!’4 Letter Words etc.

It is most likely a coincidence that some of the most profane and profound words in the English language only have four letters; more than likely several words come to mind—words that, nowadays, form a part of General English Usage. Here are three others that may not have immediately come to mind: ‘evil’ ‘love’ and… Continue reading ‘For … Sake!’4 Letter Words etc.

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Apologetics: fides quaerens intellectum

  Not long before his death in 1274 Thomas Aquinas wrote: “All that I have written seems like straw to me.”[1] This seems to be the lot of many of those seeking, by wisdom and intellect, to fathom the depths of the divine through reason and logic—and this from a man who wrote, by hand,… Continue reading Apologetics: fides quaerens intellectum

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Ricky Gervais v Stephen Colbert – The Real Answers- An Open Letter



Dear Ricky,

Loved your appearance on the Stephen Colbert show – two of my favourite entertainers discussing the most important subject in the world – what’s not to like?!   I would like to answer some of the questions you raise in the clip below.  I have heard you raise them several times before as though they were slam-dunk unanswerable questions.  Let me at least do you the courtesy of assuming that they are genuine questions and not just accusations.

The whole thing resurrected some memories (of which more later)…I’m really sorry that you got that obnoxious tweet about going to hell and the various things that the Tweeter wanted done to you.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not personally apologising, or apologising on behalf of the church or God, anymore than I expect you to apologise for the numerous tweets I get from atheists who tell me where to go!…

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“Destroyer of the gods” Award

Larry Hurtado's Blog

I’m pleased to report that my recent book, Destroyer of the gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World (Baylor University Press), has just won the 2017 PROSE Award in the category of Archaeology & Ancient History.  These awards are made by the American Publishers Association. Here is the description from their web site  (here):

“The PROSE Awards annually recognize the very best in professional and scholarly publishing by bringing attention to distinguished books, journals, and electronic content in 53 categories. Each year, publishers and authors are recognized at the PSP Annual Conference in Washington, DC, for their commitment to pioneering works of research and for contributing to the conception, production, and design of landmark works in their fields. Judged by peer publishers, librarians, and medical professionals since 1976, the PROSE Awards are extraordinary for their breadth and depth.”

The publisher’s online catalogue entry on my book is

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